Monterey eye exam

Monterey Eye Exam

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If you have diabetes, it is important that you have periodic diabetic eye exams. At our vision practice, Peninsula Eye Care, our optometrist can give you a comprehensive eye exam including a diabetic Monterey eye exam.

It is very important that patients with diabetes have a periodic Monterey eye exam because consistently high elevated levels of sugar in your bloodstream can harm your eyes. This damage can occur to the blood vessels that surround your retina that reside at the back of your eyes. When this type of problem occurs it is called diabetic retinopathy. Diabetic retinopathy is actually a collective term for different eye conditions which can affect your eyes and are caused by diabetes. Having diabetes can also increase your risk of developing glaucoma, and has been associated with other eye problems as well. When you come to our vision practice for a diabetic eye exam, our eye doctor can catch these type of vision problems before you even notice that any symptoms are developing. For this reason, it is very important to come into our practice for comprehensive eye exams on a regular basis so that if any vision problems are occurring they can be diagnosed and treated early. When your eyes are being affected by elevated levels of sugar in your bloodstream, these problems will be caught by an eye exam before they can cause any serious vision problems. Our eye doctor has special equipment which allows him to see through to the back of your eye where the retina is. When patients have diabetic retinopathy, changes occur to the blood vessels that surround the retina; sometimes smaller and weaker blood vessels begin to grow, and will eventually leak blood and cause serious vision problems. Our eye doctor will check the blood vessels in your eyes as well as your optic nerve. He will use a slit lamp as part of your comprehensive eye exam, as well.

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