Optometrist in Monterey

Optometrist in Monterey

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Comprehensive eye exams in Monterey

Peninsula Eye Care is your premier source for optical care and the best in eyewear and eye supplies. Our optometrist in Monterey carries a wide range of eyewear for families, with a fun selection and something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for men’s, women’s or children’s eyewear, Peninsula has it all. Our staff is trained to help you look for the right eyewear and find something that fits your face shape. We also carry special frames for kids. Kids frames are more durable and harder to break.

Our optometrist in Monterey will provide you with all aspects of eye care – exams, checks for disease or glaucoma, eyeglasses and frames, contacts and more. Eyewear can be selected that fits your type of face. There are different face shapes that look better with specific types of glasses, so our trained staff is here to help. We carry rimless frames, large frames, wide frames and metal frames. Plastic frames are ideal for younger children, who often lose glasses or break them accidentally. Kids can come pick out their own glasses if they want too. When kids like their glasses, they’re more likely to want to not lose them, or keep them on their face instead of taking them off.

Most patients can use regular glasses because their prescriptions are not that complicated. Some complicated prescriptions require special lenses, like bifocals or trifocals, which have both near and far vision in the same lens. For more information, call Peninsula Eye Care today to schedule your first vision appointment. We recommend coming in at least once a year for an annual exam with our optometrist in Monterey. At Peninsula, we’re experienced in eye care needs and know how to make our patients feel at home and like they are getting the right treatment that they deserve.

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