Optometry office in Monterey

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When you have low vision, which is described as when your vision challenges have left you with insufficient ability to see, which cannot be helped by corrective eyewear, medication, or surgery; you are not out of options. Here at Peninsula Eye Care, our vision rehabilitation is an excellent way to maximize your vision, in spite of the difficulties and obstacles that you find yourself facing.

Optometry office in Monterey

Anyone may need vision rehabilitation, but it’s from age 45 and up that it is most utilized. Low vision is not a disease, but a designation. It’s eye diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy that lead to vision rehabilitation at our optometry office in Monterey. Some of the signs are a decreased ability to discern detail, a loss of side-to-side (peripheral) vision, persistent double vision, difficulties perceiving colors, and problems with ascending or descending steps and navigating along the edges of curbs. Certainly, it is alarming and frustrating to not be able to see to the degree where you can do all of the things that you want to. What does our vision rehabilitation consist of? It will vary from person to person, since our optometry office in Monterey is dedicated to individualized strategies. Possibilities are stronger eyeglass prescriptions that are specifically for addressing low vision, telescopes, microscopes, prisms, and video magnifiers. In addition to devices, some people find that vitamins offer good results. We will help you to make the determinations about what to get, what will be included with your insurance, and what may suit your budget.

Reach out to our optometry office in Monterey. There are ways to manage low vision, and our vision rehabilitation will optimize those methods for you.  

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